MSE 140 C – BQ 

Very light and handy. Innovative safety technology with coasting brake and Chain Quick Tensioning. Ematic chain lubrication and Overload protection are standard features. Good for builders and DIY handymen, as well as for cutting firewood.

Technical Data

Power Output (kW/bhp) 1.4

Weight (Kg) 3.2

Bar Length (cm) 30,35

MS 170

Handy introductory model with proven features.

Technical Data

Displacement (cm³) 30.1

Power Output (kW/bhp) 1.3/1.8

Weight (Kg) 3.9

Bar Length (cm) 30,35

MS 250

Outstanding power-to-weight ratio. Very well suited for felling trees up to 30 cm in diameter, for cutting firewood and for building with wood. STIHL QuickStop chain brake stops the chain within fractions of a second during kickback situations.

Technical Data

Displacement (cm³)  45.4

Power Output (kW/bhp) 2.3/3.1

Weight (Kg) 4.6

Bar Length (cm)  30,35,40

MS 310

High-torque Chainsaw, extremely reliable and robust; excellent for cutting firewood. Good for harvesting wood in medium-density stands.  With a decompression valve.

Technical Data

Displacement (cm³) 59

Power Output (kW/bhp) 3.2

Weight (Kg) 5.9

MS 382

Very robust and strong 3,8kW forestry saw

Great for working in low-density and medium-density stands. Side-mounted chain tensioning for safe and easy chain tensioning, tool-free fuel caps for simple and safe refuelling.

  • Technical Data
  • Features

Displacement cm³ : 72,2

Weight kg : 6,2

Power-to-weight ratio kg/kW : 1,6

Rollomatic E, cutting length cm : 50

Tank volume l : 0,68

Speed at maximum power Um : 9500

Oil tank volume cm3 : 360


Highly suitable for thinning medium stands. Good for harvesting big timber. Conversion kit available for converting the saw into a rescue saw.

Technical Data

Displacement (cm³) 76.5

Power Output (kW/bhp) 4.4

Weight (Kg) 6.6

Bar Length (cm)  32,37,40,45,50,63,75

MS 660

Powerful saw. Extremely robust and hard-wearing. Highly recommended for the effective harvesting of big timber. Standard features include: ElastoStart, Compensator, Decompression valve, Lateral chain adjuster and Quickstop chain brake.

Technical Data

Displacement (cm³) 91.6

Power Output (kW/bhp) 5.2

Weight (Kg) 7.3

Bar Length (cm) 37,40,45,50,63,75,90

MS 880

The absolute top model for high demands and extreme loads. Very good power-to-weight ratio. Optimum technology for regularly harvesting big timber. Standard features include: Elastostart, Compensator, Decompression valve, Lateral chain adjuster and Quickstop chain brake.

Technical Data

Displacement (cm³) 121.6

Power Output (kW/bhp) 6.4

Weight (Kg)  9.9

Bar Length (cm) 43,53,63,75,90,105,120,150

MS 192 T

The arborist saw with outstanding power-to-weight ratio for working on trees. Can be guided with great accruacy. Kickback free starting thanks to mico-processor controlled ignition, optimum ergonomics. Approved for use only in conjuction with the low-kickback Picco Micro Mini ,Picco Micro 1 saw chain and the 1/4"Rapid Micro together with the carving bar.

Technical Data

Displacement (cm³) 30.1

Power Output (kW/bhp) 1.3

Weight (Kg) 3.0

Bar Length (cm) 30.35.40