We are Suppliers of: domestic and industrial lawnmowers, edge trimmers, bush cutters, chainsaws, ride-on mowers, water pumps, generators, blowers, and other outdoor power products & gardening tools.

We also have a range of spare parts available (Blades, wheels, bushes, filters, spark plugs, etc.)

We have various accessories available like Lubricants, fuel containers, gloves, glasses, nylon line and many more.

We specialise in the repairs of all our units and other well known brand name products. At Master Mowers we strive to be professional and prompt in all aspects of our work, giving our clients satisfaction in our products and services.

Our gardening tools consist of spades, forks, garden hoses and fittings, weed killer, refuse bags, brooms, rakes, etc.

Please give us a call for all your gardening needs.